Axiom 3D Strategy Game


Axiom is an Chess style strategy game for two, played in three dimensions.

Specially designed Cubes create a unique 3D playing surface. These Cubes also act as playing pieces, moving and being eliminated. The Sceptre pieces are magnetic and can move on the top or on the side of a Cube as desired.

The objective is very simple — to land on another face of an occupied Cube. To do this you have to move over the edge and into another dimension, it’s where the fun starts! With AXIOM the end is always close — the game could be over in 2 moves. So the challenge is to control this strange new shape-shifting world, just slightly more than your opponent.

With creative, strategic and ultimately 3D thinking.

In the Box:
12 x 40mm Axiom Cubes and 4 Sceptres, an illustrated rule and strategy booklet, a playing mat to rotate the game.
AXIOM is played all around the world, and made here in Northumberland (UK)
🤓 Invented & produced by Michael Seal copyright © 1999 - 2023 M C SEAL |™

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