Open Icosahedron


📐 Open Icosahedron. A triangular based mathematical object formed from 20 triangles. This sculptural shape is hand made from aluminum, formed with 3 spiral arms that rise up from the triangular base. It can be used with a 38mm tea-light candle. The angular openings produce animated beams of light on nearby surfaces.

🤔 Part of a series called OPEN PLATONICS.. five sculptures/lanterns, inspired by the Platonic Solids, discovered by the Pythagoreans circa 450BC*

📖 No.5 - Icosahedron
- Code: IC69 (15cm)
- Material: Aluminium - Finish: medium fine abrasive.
📦 Box contents: Aluminium Open Platonic; Silicone Polygon (Triangle, Square or Pentagon); aluminium match wand; small tea-light candle; history*

📔 Note: The silicone polygon (base shape) is a mat to protect delicate surfaces. The match wand is a match holder/extender for short matches.

- 🤓 Open Platonics, designed & hand made by Michael Seal 
Copyright © 2021 M C SEAL™

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