Octahedron Table


📐 An Octahedron Table - a Triangular based mathematical object formed from eight equilateral Triangles. The OC40PLY version is hand engineered from Birch plywood, and finished with three layers of Osmo PolyX oil/wax.

🤔 One of the five Platonic solids, this mathematical object can be used as a side table. It’s 40cm (16”) high, built with an internal vertical structure for extra strength.

📦 Delivered in a 60cm cube box, £20 discount for collection.
- Code: OC40PLY
 - Material: Birch Plywood
- Colour: cream timber
- Finish: 3 layers Osmo PolyX
- Size: height 40cm (16”) x max dia. 54cm (21”).

- 🤓 Designed & produced by Michael Seal
 Copyright © 2018-2021 M C SEAL | Lumicube.com™

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